Mouth-Watering White T

By Suzan Petersen for JS 05-12-10

Intensely snug fit almost transparent white cotton covers you

That White T, damn! What seductive wonders it delineates on you

It emphasizes every flexible movement and curve your muscles endures

And it’s a beautiful jaw-dropping site to see

I hate when you wear anything other than that White T

I’ve only seen you wear that once and when you did…. I lingered speechless

I find myself watching you during your strenuous muscle-enduring activity

The sweat you produce glistens on your skin and it looks so sweet and inviting

I never thought sweat on a man could look so damn tantalizing

That beautiful white T, damp from your labored wear

You know those muscles you have under there?

They no longer hide, that t-shirt has melted into your skin showing every muscle definition that spheres

Hot damn I sure do love that white T-shirt you wear!!!