My "TWILIGHT" adventure

A memory to cherish






It's Tuesday evening April 29th. Went in the Jacuzzi with my husband and put my nightie on and then we relaxed and watched a movie. It's about 10:30pm and I need to go shut down my computer, however, prior to doing that decided to check out the recent Twilight blogs on Myspace.

One blog titled "All you California Twilighters!" caught my eye. I was scamming through the pictures when I found one that showed the street sign (shown in the picture to the left taken by some fans) being filmed in Valencia of where the house was. tw1 So crazy me, I mapquest it from my house and it says its four hours away. I'm like I'm going! I call my son to see if he wants to go with me since I was a little on the frightened side to drive down Hwy 5 all by myself in the middle of the night. He thought I was crazy and said he was at a party with his friends and couldn't go. So I pondered whether I should go or not and decided I couldn't resist. I myself thought I was crazy for doing this but it was a chance of a lifetime!

I've seen myself at the set of the Twilight and an excitement was always there knowing I would get there some how. I've never in a million years would figure I would do anything like this but I had a determination to be there. I was tempted to go to Portland but I don't do well in the dreary weather. So when I saw it was being filmed in LA it was meant to be.

I throw on some clothes that were in the dryer, packed up my make-up artistry kit since I didn't want to wake my husband. I leave a note on the counter for him to find in the morning that read "Honey, I went to Valencia where they are filming Twilight. It's only four hours away so I had to go. I'll call you in the morning." I knew he wouldn't be happy with this, but I had this gut feeling that I need to go.

I arrive about 6:30 am. Get some coffee at Starbucks and ask for directions to the Hyatt where I know they are staying. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep. I haven't had any sleep since the day before of 7am. I'm quite tired but the adrenalin is keeping me going. I see this big white van in the front of the hotel and know that has to be part of the drivers for the cast. I ask the driver if he knew anything about the Twilight filming and he chuckled and said "yes". I asked him he knew if they were filming at the house again today. He replied no that they were filming some car scenes along a road to which he didn't indulge where after I had asked. He said he did not have his call sheet for the day.

So I take a ride up to the house and find two people outside along with a security guard. I figured something must be going on. It was a lady who was the owner and her daughter and they said the set crew was coming back at 7am to tear down the set. The set was their house painted a terracotta red and a cactus garden landscaped front yard. I asked them how they came about your house. They laughed and told me that they thought it was abandoned. Their house had a flood and they were working on fixing up the inside and hadn't been able to get to the outside yet. They had told me that the crew were going to repaint the house the color of their choice and anything that wasn't rented they could have for the front landscape. I told the young girl that their house was all over Myspace and she showed embarrassment at the same time excitement.

I go back to the hotel thinking I could always follow that van to the site then I know I would get there. I decide to check into the hotel because I knew I'd be too tired to drive back home without any sleep. I go up to my room which is on the fifth floor and while walking down the hall saw a tray of food with a bottle ¾ way full. I think to myself "how odd that they wouldn't finish that whole bottle. That would be so funny if that was Robert Pattinson's tray." I chuckled at my silly thought that, that could possibly be his.

I get settled into my room looking out the window noticing Catherine standing outside waiting for he ride. I'm like "Shoot! I gotta get outta here so I can follow that van." I grab my camera, purse and run out of my room hoping to catch them before they leave. AHHHHHHHH, it was gone. I'm starting to get a little weary that I may have driven all this way for nothing. I cannot go back home without any pictures or autographs. My family would think I was nuts to even to try to see this set. They'd say "what was she thinking!" So my determination became even stronger. Knowing the tear-down crew was going to be at the house, they have to know where they would be filming. I take a ride back up to the house in hopes to find out where they are filming.

Two guys were sitting along the side and I asked them if they knew where the filming was. They told me. Meantime talking to them I had mentioned I drove all the way from Northern California to see this. They said "YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!" I said I'm not crazy, I just have a job that I can work my own hours and therefore figured why not. I'm not crazy, just felt like having an adventure. They guys replies, "I think you're a little crazy," all joking aside. They got a kick out of my decorated Tommy T's convertible bug that I market. I told them Tommy T's was getting some good advertising this week! I head back to the hotel to get directions since I no longer have that service on my phone.

Back in my car driving to the site and OMG there it is. Now I have no idea where to park. There are four young ladies outside the barb-wire fence watching. I take a quick u-turn and try to see if I can park inside and they said no that it had to be outside. Security said they are filming a car scene up the road and probably could get to see it up there. I take a driving passing another yellow sign that reads "EARL." I take a long drive in hopes to find the action and found nothing. Saw a bunch of cop cars along the side of the road and figured maybe that was something so pulled aside to ask one of the officers. All the cops were looking at me like what is this woman doing? I get out of my car and go up to one of the cops that was alone and asked if they were filming the Twilight car scene here? He said "no, this was a containment." OK feeling like a complete idiot I'm leaving very embarrassed.

I head back to where I see the Twilight crew and make a u-turn coming back up not knowing where to park. So I go up the road where they are filming My Name is Earl and ask the security guard if I could park here so I could watch the car scene of Twilight. Highway Patrol is along the right side of the road while Earl is along my left. I make an illegal u-turn right in front of Highway Patrol (mind you that is how tired I am) and pull up against the road to park. I get out and introduce myself to the security guard and he leans in to me and says "you realize you made an illegal u-turn right in front of the Highway Patrol?" I said "oooops, I'm totally exhausted, looks as though he's going to just overlook it, huh?" as I wave to him across the street, he waves back. I go back to my car and get into the passenger seat to get my camera out and put my zoom lens and grab my book. Leaving my door open on the passenger side, Security Guard looks at me and says "You're not paparazzi are you?" I'm like "NO! I just have a big camera" and he says well your car has all these celebrities on it. I laugh and explain what I do for Tommy T's. Then he tells me "You better close your door unless you want rattlesnakes in there!" I'm like "WHAT, rattlesnakes?!" he says don't you know where you are? I'm like NO, I have no idea. He continues to tell me I'm in Rattlesnake country as I look down at my feet wearing nothing but flip flops. Just great!

I see the girls that were standing by the Twilight site walking towards me and ask them what they've seen and so forth. They tell me that they've seen all the actors and they were also told that they could park across the street and suggested I do it. They were heading home to get sweatshirts and I decided to head out and get some gas and take a little break then come back.

tw2So I arrive at the site and park across the street. Snowhite, my bug looks so cute sitting there all by herself. I wonder across the street to park myself in front of the barbwire gate that separates me from the crew. I kinda feel stupid standing there all by myself just checking things out. I'm mean I'm 42 years old and standing outside like a groupie or something. I'm feeling silly tw3and can't wait till the girls return. Finally they show up all in there warm sweatshirts. These girls were so fun and so sweet. They made me feel very comfortable.


We STAND (can't sit because there are big red ants crawling all over) around for hours hoping to get a glimpse of the actors and even more hopes that they come out and take some pictures with us and sign our book. Two young men come by and talk to us. They were stand ins for the actors. The one on the right, Wesley was Edward (Robert Pattitw4nson's) stand in and he was determined to get some of the actors to come over to see us. And that he succeeded in. They were both very nice and hilarious. I thought to myself what a long day it must be for so many of the crew just waiting around for them to be called to do something. AHHHHHHHH!

Wesley returns with a big smile and a beautiful Kellan Lutz . We were all calm but so very excited. He was so much fun and so sweet. He brought us t-shirts and took pictures with all of us and signed my book. He was there for a good twenty minutes and just was hanging out and having fun. He was wearing his contacts and I had to take a really good picture of those! OH MAN, his eyes looked just incredible! He was adorable!

So a long while went by and two other girls/fans pulled along the side of the road to join us. Every one of us had to go to the restroom, however, refused to leave the site just in case we missed something. tw5tw6








Sweet Catherine Hardwicke comes over and talks with us and takes pictures and does some signing. She thanks us for coming out and supporting the film. tw7Catherine seems to have so much energy and in watching her was just always going, going, going. I just wonder how she does it. Awesome lady!

Along come some more fans. Some that drove over 600 miles from Arizona to see this filming. Another few moms arrived so now I really don't feel so out of place! There was a good 15-20 fans standing around watching. We wait a long time.

Did get a glimpse of Robert Pattinson heading to do one of his scenes and smiles at us graciously. What a HUNK! tw8











We watch some more of the filming of the car scene for hours and seeing Kristen Stewart in the car. tw10tw9






Toward the end of the day out comes Jackson Rathbone (Jasper)tw12, Ashley Greene tw11(Alice) and Bella's double who is also playing the waitress at the restaurant that Edward takes Bella to.

I felt really bad because I didn't recognize Alice. You see in the movie she wears a wig which I didn't know. I thought she had to cut all her hair for the movie. So when she walked over most of us didn't pay much attention to her. Then one of the ladies asked Jasper if Alice was coming out and he said "She's right there." Wow and I thought she was another double for Bella. I felt so bad. All of them were so gracious and friendly!





tw13After that came out Peter Facinelli (Carlisle). He was very nice and took pictures with all the fans that were out there.

So after all the pictures we all are waiting to get Robert & Kristen's autograph. Wesley tried to work something out to get Robert over here; however, Catherine had said that he is preparing for his next scene and that we will get autographs from them back at the Hyatt.

Exhausted I return to the Hyatt and it seems to be pretty quiet. I'm thinking good, now I have some time to go take a bath and clean up a little since I feel so dirty standing in the dirt and sun all day. My adrenaline is still pretty high but I try to relax in the bath. As soon as I get in I feel like I'm wasting time and need to get back out there. So I rush and head on back out.


tw14Now there are more fans looking into the parking garage where they are filming another scene.

My back is killing me by now but I wait as did all the other fans. There are more here then there were earlier so I'm worried I won't get a picture with Robert.

Finally after he is finished filming is scene, he comes out and signs autographs. I was right tho, I didn't get my picture with him L but I did succeed in getting his autograph in my book and a lot of pictures. He is the most beautiful human being I've ever set eyes on. They picked the absolute perfect person for this character because as the book says "You dazzle me!" Yeah, that's what Robert Pattinson does well. He dazzles!

I ended up at the bar to have a couple of Cosmopolitans to help simmer down my excitement. At the bar sat the make-up artists and I got to chat with them a bit. How ironic since make-up artistry is one of my MANY passions.

So remember in the beginning when I told you about the tray sitting in the hallway? Well I end my day going back to my room with my hands full. I had to set it all down to be able to find my key. As I'm searching I hear a knocking on a door down the hallway and "Room Service" is announced. Then "Mr. Pattinson?" was questioned. I'm like OMG that was his tray I saw this morning! The person delivering sparked up a conversation with Robert indulging that her last tame is Patterson and he replies by saying (in his beautiful English accent) very politely, "you always hear of Patterson but never Pattinson."

WOW that amazed me, the thought that I actually imagined that tray in the morning being his, and it was.

This was an adventure of a lifetime for me. For one I went by myself. For another, I left home just leaving a note, I knew I would have some answering to this one. But all in all, very well worth the adventure. I'll never forget it!

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